Harmonic growth see Przibrams rule

harmonic mean Reciprocal of the arithmatic mean.

harmosis n. [Gr. harmosis, adapting] Total response of an organism to a stimulus; includes reaction and adaptation.

harpagones n. pl.; sing. harpago [Gr. harpage, grappling hook] (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. Moveable periphallic processes of males located on the ninth abdominal segment usually having a clasping function. 2. In mosquitoes, basal lobes on the mesal margin of the dorsal surface of the gono-coxites; the basal dorsomesal lobes. 3. The harpes of Lepi-doptera.

harpes n.pl. [Gr. harpes, sickle] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Lepi-doptera, a part of the male genitalia being one or more processes; clasper.

harpoon seta (ANN) A stout pointed seta with recurved barbs near the apex.

hastate a. [L. hasta, spear] 1. Triangular or spear-shaped with the base diverging on each side into an acute lobe. 2. (PO-RIF) Pertaining to spicules of uniform diameter coming to an abrupt, sharp point.

hastisetae n.pl. [L. hasta, spear; seta, bristle] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Spear-headed setae found especially in tufts on ter-gites of the caudal segments of some larval dermestid beetles.

hatching n. [ME. hacchen] Emergence from an egg shell.

hatching membrane The embryonic cuticle between the larval cuticle and the chorion that is shed during hatching or shortly afterward.

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