Heli pl of helus

helical a. [Gr. helix, a spiral] Spirally coiled; heliciform.

helicocone a. [Gr. helix, a spiral; konos, cone-like] (MOLL: Gastropoda) An expanding cone-like spiral tube that is the form of most shells.

heliophil, heliophilic, heliophilous a. [Gr. helios, sun; philein, to love] Thriving in a high intensity of light.

heliophobic n. [Gr. helios, sun; phobos, fear] Shade loving.

heliotaxis n. [Gr. helios, sun; taxis, arrangement] Taxis with sunlight as the stimulus. see phototaxis.

heliotropism n. [Gr. helios, sun; trope, a turning] Tropism with sunlight as the stimulus.

helix n.; pl. helices [Gr. helix, a spiral] Having a spiral form.

helmet n. [OF. helme] (NEMATA) An internal thickening in the cephalic region, often setoff by a groove, and denoted by a lack of ornamentation of the anterior exterior cuticle. see cane.

helminth n. [Gr. helmins, worm] Any parasitic worm of vertebrates.

helminthiasis n. [Gr. helmins, worm; -iasis, disease] A worm disease induced in or on a host.

helminthic a. [Gr. helmins, worm] Pertaining to worms.

Helminthology n. [Gr. helmins, worm; logos, discourse] A branch of zoology dealing with the natural history of parasitic worms, especially flatworms and roundworms.

helocerous a. [Gr. helos, nail; keros, horn] Having a clavate antenna.

helotism n. [Gr. Heilotes, slave class] Symbiosis in which one animal enslaves another forcing it to labour on its own behalf. see consortism.

helus n.; pl. heli [Gr. helos, nail] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In scara-baeoid larvae, a coarse fixed spine located near the hap-tomerum.

hemal a. [Gr. haima, blood] Pertaining to blood.

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