Hesmosis see swarming

heteractinal a. [Gr. heteros, different; aktis, ray] (PORIF) Spi-cules having a disc of six to eight rays in one plane and a single perpendicular ray.

heterauxesis n. [Gr. heteros, different; auxesis, growth] Disproportionate growth of a structure in relation to the rest of the body; heterogonic or allometric growth. see brady-auxesis, isauxesis, tachyauxesis.

heteroacanthus armature (PLATY: Cestoda) Hooks arranged in semicircles from the internal surface to the external surface of the tentacles without chainettes. a. Atypica : differing numbers of hook rows on the internal and external surface of the tentacles. b. Typica : same number of hook rows, etc.

heteroallelic a. [Gr. heteros, different; allelon, reciprocal] Genes having mutations at different mutational sites (non-identical alleles). see homoallelic.

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