Heterocotylus see hectocotylus

heterodactyl a. [Gr. heteros, different; daktylos, finger] (AR-THRO: Chelicerata) Having claws, apoteles or ungues differing from each other. heterodactyly n. see homodactyl heterodont a. [Gr. heteros, different; odous, tooth] Having a variety of tooth types.

heterodynamic a. [Gr. heteros, different; dynamis, power] Genes not simultaneously influencing the same developmental process.

heterodynamic life cycle 1. A life cycle in which there is a period of dormancy. 2. A life cycle that includes a rest period not caused by environmental conditions. see homo-dynamic life cycle.

heteroecious, heteroicous a. [Gr. heteros, different; oikos, house] Parasitic upon two unlike hosts, either by successive generations or in a single life history. see metoecious parasite; heteroxenous.

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