Histohematin histohaematin see cytochrome

histology n. [Gr. histos, tissue; logos, discourse] The microscopic study of the detailed structure of the organs and tissues of organisms.

histolysis n. [Gr. histos, tissue; lyein, to loosen] 1. Breakdown of cells and tissues. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) The breakdown of larval tissues during the quiescent late larval or pupal stages in holometabolic forms.

histones n. [Gr. histos, tissue; -one, ketone] The basic proteins associated with DNA; the major general structural proteins of chromatin, however, they can also act as depressors of template activity.

histopathology n. [Gr. histos, tissue; pathos, suffering; logos, discourse] The study of abnormal microscopic changes in the tissue structure of an organism.

histozoic a. [Gr. histos, tissue; zoon, animal] Dwelling within the tissues of a host.

histrichoglossate a. [Gr. hystrix, porcupine; glossa, tongue] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Referring to the radula, consisting of numerous types or categories of teeth: a median central tooth plus several kinds of lateral and marginal teeth, in retrograde oblique position, often in bristlelike fascicles.

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