Hive auraodor see nest odor

hive n. [A.S. hyf,] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A man-made nest for honeybees.

holandric a. [Gr. holos, whole; aner, male] 1. Describing sex-determinate genes that are manifest only in the male sex. 2. (ANN: Oligochaeta) Classical term that originally meant the placement of testes in segments x-xi.

holandry n. [Gr. holos, whole; aner, male] 1. The condition of bearing the normal number of testes. 2. (ANN: Oligochaeta) Earthworms with two pair of testes, one pair in segment x and another pair in segment xi. see proandry, metandry.

holarctic region A zoogeographical region encompassing the palaeartic and nearctic regions.

holaspis larva (ARTHRO: Trilobita) Final larval stage in which the general adult structures are present and with succeeding molts minor changes and increase of size. see pro-taspis and meraspis larva.

holidic a. [Gr. holos, whole; -idios, distinct] Said of a medium that has exactly known chemical constituents other than purified inert materials before compounding; a defined medium.

holism n. [Gr. holos, whole; -ismos, denoting condition] 1. The philosophic principle that the determining factors in nature, especially evolution, are wholes, such as organisms and not the sum of their parts. 2. Accentuating the organic functional relation between parts and wholes. holistic a.

holobenthic a. [Gr. holos, whole; benthos, sea-bottom] Refers to animals living their whole life on or near sea-bottom.

holoblastic division The type of cleavage in which the entire egg cell is divided.

holochroal a. [Gr. holos, whole; chroa, body surface] (ARTHRO) Refers to a compound eye with narrow facets and polygonal lenses, as in most crustacean and insect eyes. see schizochroal.

holocoen n. [Gr. holos, whole; koinos, common] The whole environment, the biocoen and abiocoen; the ecosystem.

holocrine a. [Gr. holos, whole; krinein, to separate] The disintegration of a gland in order to release secretions. see merocrine.

holocyclic a. [Gr. holos, whole; kyklos, circle] Pertaining to alternation of generations. see anholocyclic.

holoenzyme n. [Gr. holos, whole; en, in; zyme, yeast] A complete functional enzyme consisting of an apoenzyme and a coenzyme taken together. see apoenzyme.

hologamy n. [Gr. holos, whole; gamos, marriage] Condition where gametes and somatic cells are similar; macrogamy.

holognathous a. [Gr. holos, whole; gnathos, jaw] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Possessing a jaw of one piece construction, as certain terrestrial forms.

hologynic a. [Gr. holos, whole; gyne, woman] A term describing sex-limited characters which are manifest only in the female sex. see holandric.

hologynous a. [Gr. holos, whole; gyne, woman] (ANN) A classical term pertaining to ovaries restricted to segments xii and xiii or a homeotic equivalent.

hologyny n. [Gr. holos, whole; gyne, woman] The state or condition of being hologynous.

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