Holoic see meganephridia

Holometabola n. [Gr. holos, whole; metabole, change] Dominant superorder of insects, distributed worldwide, that includes the vast majority of insect families, genera and species with complete metamorphosis and wing pads formed by invagination; in some classifications Endopterygota.

holometabolous metamorphosis (ARTHRO: Insecta) Metamorphosis with a larva, pupa and adult; complete metamorphosis. see paurometabolous.

holomyarian a. [Gr. holos, whole; mys, muscle] (NEMATA) Describing the longitudinal muscle cells indistinguishable as individual cells so as to appear like a single band as viewed in transverse section. This term was discarded in nematol-ogy when Butschli in 1873 showed that, by definition, no examples exist. see meromyarian, polymyarian.

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