Homothermis see homoiothermal

homotrichous anisorhiza (CNID) A nematocyst open at the tip with a slightly swollen base, and with spines of equal length along the thread.

homotype n. [Gr. homos, same; typos, type] A structure corresponding to a structure on the opposite side of the body; reverse symmetry; homeotype. see enantiomorphic.

homotypic a. [Gr. homos, same; typos, type] 1. Pertaining to the second meiotic division (meiosis). 2. Exhibiting homo-typy.

homotypy n. [Gr. homos, same; typos, type] The similarity or equality of body structures along the main axis. see enan-tiomorphic.

homozygosity n. [Gr. homos, same; zygon, yoke] Quality or condition of bearing two identical alleles at one or more loci in homologous chromosome segments. see heterozygosity.

homozygote n. [Gr. homos, same; zygon, yoke] One who exhibits homozygosity. see heterozygote.

homozygous a. [Gr. homos, same; zygon, yoke] Pertains to having identical alleles in the corresponding loci of homologous chromosomes; therefore breeding true. see heterozygous.

honey n. [ME. honey] Thickened partially digested secretion from nectar of flowers produced by honeybees by enzymatic action and used as food for larvae.

honeycomb n. [A.S. hunigcamb] 1. A waxen structure built by bees in their nests consisting of an aggregation of hexagonal cells used as breeding cells for larvae and the storage of honey. 2. Any structure resembling a honeycomb.

honey dew A sweetish liquid excreted by aphids or other ho-mopterous insects.

honeypot (ARTHRO: Insecta) A wax container deposited inside the entrance of the nest cavity filled with nectar by a solitary queen bumblebee when establishing a colony.

honey stomach (ARTHRO: Insecta) A thin-walled enlargement of the esophagus (crop) in which the honeybee transports nectar.

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