Hybrid vigour see heterosis

hydatid cyst (platy: Cestoda) Metacestode of Echinococcus, with many protoscolices, some budding inside secondary brood cysts.

hydatid sand (PLATY: Cestoda) Free protoscolices forming the sediment in a hydatid cyst.

hydranth n. [Gr. hydor, water; anthos, flower] (CNID: Hydro-zoa) A nutritive zooid in a colony; the hydroid polyp, bearing a mouth, digestive cavity and tentacles.

hydrarch a. [Gr. hydor, water; arche, beginning] A series of changes in time from newly formed pond or lake to land with climax vegetation; an ecological succession.

hydra-tuba n. [Gr. hydor, water; tuba, horn] (CNID: Scypho-zoa) A simple polyp-like stage that may produce a few more polyps, but all bud off larvae known as ephyrae, which bud like a hydra. see scyphistoma.

hydrelatic a. [Gr. hydor, water; elaunein, to set in motion] Of or pertaining to the effects stimulation of glands have on active transport of inorganic solutes and water.

hydric a. [Gr. hydor, water] 1. Having an abundant supply of moisture. 2. Pertaining to or containing hydrogen.

hydrobiology n. [Gr. hydor, water; bios, life; logos, discourse] Study of aquatic plants and animals.

hydrobiont n. [Gr. hydor, water; bion, living] An organism that lives mainly in water.

hydrocarbon n. [Gr. hydor, water; L. carbo, coal] A chemical compound of hydrogen and carbon, usually in the proportion of C-H20 .

hydrocaulus n.; pl. -cauli [Gr. hydor, water; kaulos, stem] (CNID: Hydrozoa) The simple or branched upright portion of a hydroid colony; stem.

hydrochoric a. [Gr. hydor, water; chorein, to spread] Pertains to dispersal by water; being dependent on water for dissemination.

hydrocircus n. [Gr. hydor, water; kirkos, circle] (ECHINOD) The hydrocoelic ring surrounding the mouth.

hydrocladium n.; pl. -ia [Gr. hydor, water; klados, branch] (CNID: Hydrozoa) The lateral growing branch of the hydro-caulus; the secondary branches.

hydrocoel n. [Gr. hydor, water; koilos, hollow] (ECHINOD) Part of the embryonic coelom which develops into the water vascular system.

hydrocoles n.pl. [Gr. hydor, water; L. colere, to dwell] Organisms living in water or a wet environment.

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