Hypohaploid see hypoploid

hypolimnion n. [Gr. hypo, under; limne, lake] The bottom stratum in deep lakes containing low oxygen and near absence of living organisms. see epilimnion, thermocline.

hypolithic a. [Gr. hypo, under; lithos, stone] Living beneath stones.

hypomegetic a. [Gr. hypo, under; megas, great] Pertaining to the smallest in a series of polymorphic organisms.

hypomere n. [Gr. hypo, under; meros, part] 1. (ARTHRO: In-secta) a. The ventral process of the phallobase. b. Inflexed edge of the pronotum and raised margin of the epipleura of beetles. 2. (PORIF) The basal portion of certain sponges in which no flagellated chambers develop.

hypomeric a. [Gr. hypo, under; meros, part] (ANN: Oli-gochaeta) A condition of regenerates with fewer segments than had been removed. see hypermeric.

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