Hypomeron see hypomere

hypomorph n. [Gr. hypo, under; morphe, form] An allele that functions more weakly when compared with wild-type al-leles; a leaky gene.

hyponeural a. [Gr. hypo, under; neuron, nerve] (ECHINOD) Part of the nervous system deeper and more weakly developed than the ectoneural system.

hyponeuston n. [Gr. hypo, under; neustos, swimming] Any organism that swims or floats near the surface of the water.

hyponome n. [Gr. hyponome, tunnel] (MOLL: Cephalopoda) A ventral funnel consisting of two unfused lappetlike folds; in Nautiloidea, functions in bringing oxygen to the gills in the mantle cavity, and secondarily as a powerful locomotoror-gan. see funnel.

hyponomic sinus (MOLL: Cephalopoda) In Nautiloidea, a large concave sinus ventrally in the head-foot shell opening, marking the location of the hyponome.

hyponym n. [Gr. hypo, under; onym, name] A generic name not based on a type species; a provisional or temporary name.

hypoparatype n. [Gr. hypo, under; para, beside; typos, type] Any specimen originally used to indicate a new species but not chosen as the type specimen. see holotype, paratype.

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