Incremental line see growth line

incrustation n. [L. incrustatus, covered with mud] 1. Encased with a crust or hard coat. 2. A deposit of calcareous matter upon a shell. 3. (MOLL: Bivalvia) In oysters, tight attachment to the substrate.

incubation groove (ARTHRO: Insecta) In bumblebees, a broad depression across the top of the brood comb cell or on top of a group of larvae, into which a lone gyne lies to facilitate warming of the larvae.

incubatory a. [L. in, in; cubare, to lie down] Pertaining to animals that brood their young.

incudate a. [L. incus, anvil] (ROTIF) Type of mastax with stout forceps-like shape with reduced mallei.

incumbent a. [L. incumbere, to lie down upon] Bent downwards; to touch or rest upon.

incunabulum n.; pl. -ula [L. incunabulum, cradle] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A cocoon.

incurrent a. [L. in, in; currere, to run] 1. A current which flows inward; afferent. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) The ostium of the heart. 3. (MOLL) Inhalant siphons. 4. (PORIF) Canals which admit water.

incurved a. [L. incurvus, bent] 1. The state of being bowed or curved inwards. 2. Bent over as the apex in some shells.

incus n.; pl. incudes [L. incus, anvil] (ROTIF) Curved plates of the mastax, bearing on their medial sides several pronglike teeth; the fulcrum and rami collectively. incudal a. see uncus.

indented a. [L. in, in; dens, tooth] Notched or dented;

abruptly pressed inward; a cut or notch in a margin.

indeterminate a. [L. in, not; determinare, to limit] Not well defined; vague; indefinite.

index n.; pl. indexes [L. indicare, to point out] A number expressing the relationship of one quantity to another by expressing them as ratios of a third quantity.

indigenous a. [L. indigena, native] Being native to or originating in a specified place or country.

indigoid biochrome Various blues and purples derived by the metabolism of trytophan found in plants and mollusks.

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