Infraergatoid form see phthisergate

infraesophageal a. [L. infra, underneath; Gr. oisophagos, gullet] Subesophageal.

infragenital a. [L. infra, underneath; genitalis, belonging to birth] Below the genital opening.

inframarginal a. [L. infra, underneath; margo, edge] Behind or below any margin.

inframedian a. [L. infra, underneath; medius, middle] Pertaining to a belt or zone along the sea bottom between 50 and 100 fathoms in depth.

inframedian latus (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Lepadomorpha Cir-ripedia, a plate below the upper latus.

infraneuston n. [L. infra, underneath; Gr. neustos, floating] Animals that live on the underside of the surface film of water.

infraocular n. [L. infra, underneath; oculus, eye] Below and between the eyes.

infraorbital spine (ARTHRO: Crustacea) A spine on the lower angle of the orbit of a decapod carapace.

infraorder n. [L. infra, underneath; ordo, order] An optional category below the suborder.

infrasocial a. [L. infra, underneath; socius, companionship]

Leading a solitary life; below social. see society.

infraspecific n. [L. infra, underneath; species, kind] Within the species; usually applied to subspecies.

infrastigmatal a. [L. infra, underneath; Gr. stigmata, marks] (ARTHRO) Below the stigmata or spiracles.

infrasutural a. [L. infra, underneath; sutura, seam] (ARTHRO) Below the seam or suture.

infumated a. [L. in, in; fumus, smoke] Clouded with a blackish color; smoke colored.

infundibulum n.; pl. -ula [L. infundibulum, funnel] 1. A funnel-shaped organ or part. 2. (CNID: Hydrozoa) The hy-droecium. 3. (MOLL: Cephalopoda) An exhalant siphon leading out of the mantle cavity. infundibuliform a.

infuscate a. [L. in, into; fuscus, dark] Darkened with a brownish tinge; smoky gray-brown.

infusoriform larva (MESO: Rhombozoa) In Dicyemida, ciliated larva produced by the infusorigen.

infusorigen n. [L. infusus, poured into; genos, offspring] (MESO: Rhombozoa) A mass of reproductive cells interpreted as being a hermaphroditic gonad within a rhom-bogen.

ingest v. [L. ingestus, taken in] To convey food into a place of digestion.

ingesta [L. ingestus, taken in] The total amount of substances and fluids taken into the body. see egesta.

ingestion n. [L. ingestus, taken in] The act or process of swallowing or taking in food material into a cell or into the enteron.

ingluvial a. [L. ingluvies, crop] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to the ingluvies or crop of insects.

ingluvial ganglion (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. Paired ganglion of the stomodeal nervous system at the posterior end of the fore-gut. 2. In Schistocerca, autonomously exerting influence on movements of the proventriculus.

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