Ingluvies see crop

inhalant a. [L. in, into; halere, to breathe] Taking into the body, i.e., water or air. see incurrent.

inhalant siphon In various invertebrate groups, a tube-like organ along which water is drawn into the mantle cavity.

inheritance n. [OF. enheritance] The sum of all characters or qualities transmitted by the germ cells from generation to generation.

inherited disease Abnormal characters or qualities predetermined from parent to offspring; an inborn disease.

inhibitor n. [L. inhibere, to restrain] Any substance which checks or prevents an action or process.

injector n. [L. in, in; jacere, to throw] (CNID) A nematocyst that injects venom through a discharged open-ended tube; stomocnide.

injury n.; pl. -ries [L. in, not; juris, right] Damage; wound; trauma.

ink sac (MOLL: Cephalopoda) A pear-shaped body in the wall of the mantle situated near the anus, containing the ink glands which eject a black substance as a defense mechanism.

innate a. [L. innatus, inborn] Instinctive behavior; not learned.

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