Karyolymph see nucleoplasm

karyolysis n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; lysis, a loosing] Disappearance of the interphase nucleus at the beginning of karyoki-nesis; dissolution of the nucleus.

karyomere n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; meros, part] Any of a series of micronuclei formed in cells in which the chromosomes diverge at anaphase.

karyon n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus] The cell nucleus.

karyoplasm n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; plasma, formed or molded] The protoplasm of the nucleus; nucleoplasm.

karyorhexis n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; rhexis, rupture] Nuclear degeneration by nuclear fragmentation.

karyosome n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; soma, body] Irregular clump of chromatin dispersed in the chromatin cell network.

karyotheca n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; theke, a box] Nuclear membrane.

karyotin n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus] Chromatin.

karyotype n. [Gr. karyon, nucleus; typos, image] The particular chromosome complement of an individual or species, as defined by both number and morphology of the chromosomes, usually in mitotic metaphase.

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