Lateral ocelli see stemma

lateral organs 1. (ANN: Polychaeta) Ciliated sensory structures located between the notopodium and neuropodium of each parapodium. see dorsal organ. 2. (NEMATA) The amphids.

lateral oviduct (ARTHRO: Insecta) Paired canals of the female system, leading from ovaries, frequently mesodermal, and joining the common (median) oviduct.

lateral penellipse (ARTHRO: Insecta) In lepidopterous larvae, an almost complete circle of crochets, open or incomplete, toward the meson. see penellipse.

lateral ridge (NEMATA) The ridge formed by two contiguous lateral lines, when seen in cross-section or with SEM; lateral field ridges.

lateral skeletal projections (BRYO: Stenolaemata) Skeletal structures in living chambers opposite the feeding organs; including hemisepta, hemiphragms, ring septa, mural spines, and skeletal cystiphragms.

lateral teeth (MOLL: Bivalvia) Interlocking teeth, not functioning as a hinge, but serving to prevent valves from sliding upon each other when closed.

laterigrade a. [L. latus, side; gradus, step] Walking sideways, as some spiders and crabs.

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