Lemnoblast see Schwann cell

length n. [A.S. lang, long] (MOLL: Bivalvia) Greatest dimension by a projection of the shell extremities onto the cardinal axis.

lens n.; pl. lenses [L. lens, lentil] Transparent covering of the eye, serving to focus the rays of light.

lentic, lenitic a. [L. lentus, slow, viscous] Living in still water; applied to organisms that inhabit swamps, ponds or lakes. see lotic.

lenticular a. [L. lenticularis, lentil-shaped] Having the form of a biconvex lens.

lentigerous a. [L. lens, lentil; gerere, to bear] Having a lens.

lepidopterism a. [Gr. lepis, scale; pteron, wing; -ismos, denoting condition] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Any pathological condition caused by the Lepidoptera. see erucism, paraeru-cism, cryptotoxic, phanerotoxic, metaerucism, pseu-doerucism.

lepocyte n. [Gr. lepis, scale; kytos, container] A nucleated cell with a cell wall. see gymnocyte.

leprous a. [L. lepra, scaly] Having loose irregular scales; scalelike; covered with scales.

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