Ligular lobe see ligula

ligulate a. [L. ligula, little tongue] Strap shaped.

ligule n. [L. ligula, little tongue] (ANN: Polychaeta) A parapo-dial lobe covering the anus dorsally.

limacel n.; pl. -le [F., fr. L. limax, slug] (MOLL: Gastropoda) The concealed vestigial shell of slugs.

limaciform a. [L. limax, slug; forma, shape] Shaped like a slug.

limb n. [A.S. lim, limb] The leg or wing of an animal.

limb n. [L. limbus, an edge] The border, rim or edge.

limbate a. [L. limbus, an edge] 1. Having a margin or limb of another color. 2. (ANN) Term used to describe seta with a flattened margin to the blade.

limbus n. [L. limbus, an edge] 1. (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In

Acari, the border of an element of the exoskeleton, such as a tectum. 2. (BRACHIO) The flattened inner margin of the inarticulate valve.

limicolous a. [L. limus, mud; colus, dwelling in] Living in mud or shore dwelling.

liminal a. [L. limen, threshold] Pertaining to threshold. see subliminal.

limited chromosome May be eliminated or diminished in cleavage, thus producing clones of differing functional karyotypes.

limiting factor Essential factor in the environment that is in short supply; thus limiting growth, some life process or population size.

limivorous a. [L. limus, mud; vorare, to devour] (ANN) Mud eating to obtain the organic matter.

limnic, limnetic a. [Gr. limne, marsh, lake, pool] 1. Living in standing fresh water. 2. Inhabiting the pelagic zone in a body of fresh water; limnicolous.

limnium n. [Gr. limne, marsh, lake, pool] A lake community.

limnobios n. [Gr. limne, marsh, lake, pool; bios, life] All life in fresh water.

limnology n. [Gr. limne, pond; logos, discourse] The study of fresh waters, in physical, chemical, meteorological and biological conditions.

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