Liocyte see chromophile

lip n. [A.S. lippa, lip] Any liplike part or structure.

lipase n. [Gr. lipos, fat; -ase, enzyme] An enzyme that hydrolyses fats.

lip cap (NEMATA) A disc-like, anterior-most cuticular annulation, circumoral and usually thicker than adjacent head annuli.

lip gland (SIPUN) A glandular organ with a ciliated groove run ning from pore to tip of lip.

lipids [Gr. lipos, fat] Organic compounds soluble in various organic liquids and insoluable in water; including carbon and hydrogen with a small proportion of oxygen and/or other elements, i.e., fats, phospholipids, sterols, etc.

lipin n. [Gr. lipos, fat] Complex lipids such as phospholipids, glycolipids, and cerebrocides.

liplets [A.S. dim. lippa, lip] (NEMATA) Small, reduced lips restricted to the apex of the head; pseudolips.

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