Lipoid membrane see fertilization membrane

lipolysis n. [Gr. lipos, fat; lysis, loosen] Decomposition of fat by lipase. lipolytic a.

lipomerism n. [Gr. leipo, to be lacking; meros, part; ismos, denoting condition] Coalescence or suppression of segmentation.

lipomicrons n. [Gr. lipos, fat; mikros, little] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Minute fat particles found in the blood.

lipopalingenesis n. [Gr. leipo, to be lacking; palin, anew; genesis, beginning] The omission of a stage or series of stages in phylogeny.

lipopolysaccharide n. [Gr. lipos, fat; polys, many; sakcharon, sugar] Molecule with a lipid attached to a polysaccharide.

lipoprotein n. [Gr. lipos, fat; proteios, primary] Molecule with a lipid joined to a protein.

lipostomous a. [Gr. leipo, to be lacking; stoma, mouth] (PO-RIF) Having no apertures visible to the naked eye.

lipotrophic n. [Gr. lipos, fat; trephein, to eat] A compound with an affinity for lipids; influencing fat metabolism.

lip ring (NEMATA) A ring at or near the oral aperture formed by fused, separate or subdivided cheilorhabdions.

lira n., pl. lirae [L. lira, ridge] 1. Fine grooves or thread-like sculpture or ridge. 2. (MOLL: Gastropoda) Fine linear elevation on a shell surface or within outer lip. lirate a.

list n. [A.S. liste, ridge] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Ostracoda, a ridge inside the selvage on the sealing margin of the shell.

listrium n. [Gr. listrion, small shovel] (BRACHlO:Inarticulata) In some Discinidae, a plate closing the anterior end of the pedicle opening.

lithistid n. [Gr. lithos, stone] (PORIF) A reticulated skeleton.

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