Lithocyst see lithocyte

lithocyte n. [Gr. lithos, stone; kytos, container] Cell within a statocyst that contains the movable concretion or statolith; lithocyst.

lithodesma n. [Gr. lithos, stone; desma, bond] (MOLL: Bival-via) 1. A calcareous reinforcement of the internal ligament. 2. A small shelly plate; ossiculum.

lithodomous a. [Gr. lithos, stone; domos, house] Living in or burrowing in rock.

lithophagous a. [Gr. lithos, stone; phagein, to eat] Burrowing in rock.

lithosere n. [Gr. lithos, stone; serere, to join] A sere originating on exposed rock surfaces. see xerosere, hydrosere.

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