Loci p of locus

lociation n. [L. locus, place] Local variations in the abundance or proportion of dominant species in an association.

lock and key theory Morphological theory of antibody-antigen, enzyme-substrate, and insect genitalia interactions; fitting exactly for the interactions to take place.

loco citato Place cited; abbr., l.c. and loc.cit.

locomotor rods see ambulatory setae, adhesion tubes locotype see topotype locular a. [L. loculus, cell] Having or containing small cavities or chambers.

loculus n.; pl. loculi [L. loculus, cell] 1. A cavity, compartment or chamber. 2. (CNID) Cavities between septa at the base of some polyps. 3. (PLATY: Turbellaria) Shallow, sucker-like depressions in the adhesive organ.

locus n.; pl. -ci [L. locus, place] The position of a gene in a chromosome; may be occupied by any gene of a particular allelic series.

lodix n. [L. lodix, blanket] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The ventral plate of the seventh (7th) abdominal segment that covers the genital plate in Lepidoptera.

logarithmic phase Geometric or exponential growth section of the logistic curve characteristic of unrestrained population growth.

logistic curve Growth of a population with time as described by a sigmoid curve; begins slowly, increases rapidly, and grows slowly or not at all as the population fills available sites.

logotype n. [Gr. logos, word; typos, type] A type species of a genus by subsequent designation, not originally described as such.

longicorn a. [L. longus, long; cornu, horn] Having long antennae as in certain beetles.

longipennate a. [L. longus, long; penna, wing] Having long-wings.

longirostral, longirostrate a. [L. longus, long; rostrum, beak] Having a long beak or rostrum.

longitudinal a. [L. longus, long] 1. Lengthwise of the body or an appendage. 2. The length of a shell or direction of the longest diameter.

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