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lunula n.; pl. lunulae [L. dim. luna, moon] 1. A small lunate mark or crescent-shaped object. 2. (MOLL: Gastropoda) A crescentic ridge on the selenizone, concave toward aperture. lunular a.

lunule n. [L. dim. luna, moon] 1. A crescent-shaped part or marking. 2. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Copepoda, small, sucker-like adhesion disc on the anterior margin. 3. (ECHI-NOD: Echinoidea) One of several perforations in the test of some sand dollars that may serve for passage of sand and water while burrowing. 4. (moll: Bivalvia) Cordate shaped depression anterior to the beaks.

lurid a. [L. luridus, pale yellow] A dirty yellowish color; dismal; dingy.

luteous a. [L. luteus, golden yellow] Yellow in hue, especially an orange or reddish yellow.

lycophore n. [Gr. lykos, hook; pherein, to carry] (PLATY: Cestoda) Ten-hooked first larval stage of a tapeworm; a decacanth.

lygophil n. [Gr. lygaios, gloomy; philos, fond of] Shade or darkness dwellers.

lymph gland 1. (ANN: Oligochaeta) Organs on the anterior faces of septa associated with the dorsal blood vessel, in the intestinal regions of some earthworms, possibly functioning in production of phagocytes. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) Organs that release free mesodermal cells into the hemo-lymph near pupation of Drosophila larvae.

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