Macroesthetes see megalaesthetes

macroevolution n. [Gr. makros, large; L. evolvere, to unroll] Evolutionary processes that extend through geologic eras; large scale evolution of new species and genera due to mutations that result in marked changes in chromosomal patterns and reaction systems. see microevolution.

macrofauna n. [Gr. makros, large; L. Faunus, diety of herds and fields] 1. Widely distributed; from a macrohabitat. 2. Animals measured in centimeters rather than microscopic units.

macrogamete n. [Gr. makros, large; gamete, wife] A large, quiescent, female anisogamete. see microgamete.

macrogametocyte n. [Gr. makros, large; gamein, to marry; kytos, container] The infected human red blood cell that contains the female form of the malarial parasite which upon transfer to the Culicidae becomes a macrogamete.

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