Maltha see mesogloea

mamelon n. [F. mamelon, protuberance] 1. (ECHINOD: Echin-oidea) Terminal knob on the boss that articulates with the spine on the test. 2. (NEMATA: Secernentea) Two or three ventral, serrated projections on the ventral surface of the male of the genus Syphacia; function unknown.

mammillate a. [L. mamilla, small breast] Having rounded protuberances or wart-like projections; mammiform; mammose.

manca n. [L. mancus, imperfect] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Pera-carida, a juvenile or postlarva that lack the last thoracopod when released from the marsupium.

manchette n. [F. manchette, cuff] (nemata) Line of demarcation between the cheilostome and esophastome; nema's collar; sleeve.

mancoid stage (ARTHRO: Crustacea) Postlarval stage in Lepto-straca, with rudimentary 4th pleopod.

mandible n. [L. mandibula, jaw] 1. A jaw. 2. (ANN: Polychaeta) The ventral chitinous plates or rods, maybe dentate, against which the maxilla work. 3. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) One of the third pair of cephalic appendages. 4. (ARTHRO: Diplopoda) The first pair of jaws, consisting of cardo, stipes and gnathal lobe. 5. (ARTHRO: Insecta) One of the variously modified anterior pair of paired mouthpart structures. 6. (BRYO) A modified orificial wall of the avicularium. see operculum.

mandibular fossa (ARTHRO: Insecta) The dorsal articulation of the mandible.

mandibular gland (ARTHRO: Insecta) A sac-like reservoir usually paired, and partially or completely lined by secretory cells, opening in the mesal junction of the mandible with the head; functioning as alarm pheromone, fungistatic agent, aggregation pheromone, sex pheromone, territory defending secretion, location of food and/or the 'burning' secretion of the 'fire bees'; in larval Lepidoptera, large and secrete saliva (with the normal salivary glands specialized for silk production).

mandibular palp 1. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Cirripedia, distally articulated part of the mandible functioning in feeding or cleaning; in Acrothoracica associated with the mandibular gnathobase; setose lobe on labrum. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) see prostheca.

mandibular plates (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hemiptera, plates between and attached to the mandibular stylets and the ventral surface of the sucking pump.

mandibular pouch (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Thysanoptera, a ventrally oriented cone formed by the labrum and labium containing maxillary stylets and a single (left) functional mandible, emerging at the apex.

mandibular ring (NEMATA: Adenophorea) In Enoplida, transverse extension of the mandibles in the buccal cavity.

mandibular scar (ARTHRO: Insecta) In certain Coleoptera pupae, round or oval areas with raised margins that serve as supports for the deciduous provisional mandibles.

mandibular sclerite (ARTHRO: Insecta) In some larval Diptera, mouth-hooks articulating basally with the intermediate (hypostomal) sclerites.

Mandibulata n. [L. mandíbula, jaw] Formerly a subphylum of arthropods including Myriapoda, Crustacea and Insecta.

mandibulate a. [L. mandibula, jaw] Having jaws fitted for chewing; mandibuliform.

manducate v. [L. manducare, to chew] To bite; eat.

manica n. [L. manica, sleeve] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Lepidop-tera, the inner layer of the anellus, that fastens around the aedeagus.

maniform a. [L. manus, hand; forma, shape] Hand-shaped.

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