Mature region see exozone

maxaponta n. [L. maxilla, jaw; pons, bridge] (ARTHRO: In-secta) A bridge formed by a midline fusion of the lower maxillariae and the postgenae. maxapontal a.

maxilla n.; pl. -llae [L. maxilla, jaw] 1. (ANN: Polychaeta) The large, hook-shaped, dorsal chitinous jaw plate. 2. (ARTHRO) In most arthropods, one of the paired mouth-part structures posterior to the mandibles or jaws; third pair of head appendages. 3. (ARTHRO: Diplopoda) One of the paired second jaws to form the gnathochilarium.

maxillary a. [L. maxilla, jaw] (ARTHRO) Of or pertaining to the maxilla.

maxillary carrier (ANN: Polychaeta) A posterior support structure for the maxilla.

maxillary glands (ARTHRO) Glands belonging to the maxillary segment, possibly functioning in the lubrication of the mouthparts.

maxillary guides (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Anoplura, paired structures of wrinkled sucking lice arising from the maxillary appendages that function as guides for the dorsal stylet.

maxillary palp/palpus; pl. -pi (ARTHRO: Insecta) Small sensory organ arising from the maxilla, used to test quality of food. see labial palp.

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