Metablastic see ectoderm

metabola n. [Gr. metabole, change] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Species having distinct external changes during the stages of their life history. see paurometabola, hemimetabola, holometabola.

metabolic activities Any forms of activity that have to do with metabolism.

metabolic water Water produced in the cells as a by-product of metabolism.

metabolism n. [Gr. metabole, change; ismos, denoting condition] The sum total of chemical reactions occurring in living matter. metabolic a. see catabolism, anabolism.

metabolite n. [Gr. metabole, change; ites, like] Any by-product of a living organism; a metabolized substance.

metabranchial lobe or area (ARTHRO: Crustacean) In Deca-poda, the posterior branchial region of the carapace.

metacentric a. [Gr. meta, after; kentron, center of circle] Having the centromere situated along the chromosome, except at or near the tip, e.g., J- or V-shaped in metaphase. see telocentric, acrocentric.

metacephalon n. [Gr. meta, after; kephale, head] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, the area behind the mouth extending up toward the neck.

metacercaria n. [Gr. meta, after; keros, tail] (PLATY: Trema-toda) The stage succeeding the cercarial, following loss of tail; it may invade the definitive host (blood flukes) or may become encysted and await passive transfer to that host.

metacerebrum n. [Gr. meta, after; L. cerebrum, brain] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) Ganglion of antennal somite; tritocere-brum.

metacestode n. [Gr. meta, after; kestos, girdle; eidos, form] (platy: Cestoda) The developmental stage of the plero-cestoid where proglottids are evident but generative organs are not fully mature.

metachemogenesis n. [Gr. meta, change of; chemeia, infusion; genesis, beginning] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In holome-tabolous forms, post-emergence biochemical maturation; does not include sexual maturation.

metachromasia, metachromasis, metachromasy n. [Gr. meta, change of; chroma, color] Staining of tissue components in different colors by a single dye.

metacnemes [Gr. meta, after; kneme, leg] (CNID: Antho-

zoa) Secondary mesentaries between the primary cycle.

metacoel n. [Gr. meta, after; koilos, hollow] 1. The body cavity of the third division of the deuterostome body. 2. (bryo) Believed to be the main body cavity.

metacorporal valve (NEMATA) An expanded, strongly cuticu-larized portion of the triradiate lumen at the center of the metacorpus that functions as a pump during feeding.

metacorpus n. [Gr. meta, after; L. corpus, body] (NEMATA) The median esophageal bulb; the middle bulb; the median bulb.

metacoxal plate (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Coccinellidae, a portion of the first ventral segment included above the ventral lines, visible on the metathorax.

metacyclic a. [Gr. meta, after; kyklos, circle] Pertaining to a stage in the life cycle of a parasite that is infective to its definitive host.

metacyst n. [Gr. meta, after; kystis, bladder] A cystic stage of a parasite in a host.

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