Metopic suture see coronal suture or branch

metopidium n. [Gr. metopidios, of the forehead] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Membracidae, the anterior downward sloping surface of the prothorax.

metraterm n. [Gr. metra, womb; terma, end] (PLATY: Trema-toda) In Digenea, the muscular, terminal portion of the uterus.

metric system A decimal system of measures and weights.

metrocyte n. [Gr. metros, mother; kytos, container] A cell having given rise to other cells by division; mother cell; precursory cell.

micelle n.; pl. -ae [L. micarius, crumbs] A supermolecular colloid particle, often an orderly packet of chain molecules in parallel arrangement.

micraesthetes [Gr. mikros, small; aisthetes, one who perceives] (MOLL: Polyplacophora) One or more small sensory organs, in the form of eyes, sometimes accompanying the megaesthetes. see aesthete.

micraner n. [Gr. mikros, small; aner, male] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Formicidae, a dwarf male. see microgyne.

micrergate n. [Gr. mikros, small; ergate, worker] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Formicidae, a dwarf worker, a microergate.

microbe n. [Gr. mikros, small; bios, life] A microscopic organism.

microbiota n. [Gr. mikros, small; bios, life] 1. The combined or singularly considered microflora and microfauna of an organism. 2. Microscopic soil organisms.

microbivorous a. [Gr. mikros, small; bios, life; L. vorare, to devour] Microbe eating; microbiotrophic.

microbody n. [Gr. mikros, small; Eng. body] Spherical or ovoid bodies that are rich in enzymes of peroxide metabolism.

microbotroph n. [Gr. mikros, small; bios, life; trophein, to feed] Microscopic faunal forms that obtain nourishment from digesting living microorganisms; microbivorous.

microcalthrop, microcaltrop n. [Gr. mikros, small; ML. calci-trapa, a four-pointed weapon] (PORIF) A microsclere tetraxon spicule with four rays, one elongated and three short; a euaster with 4 persistent rays.

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