Microergate see micrergate

microevolution n. [Gr. mikros, small; L. evolutus, unrolling] All processes of species formation and differentiation brought about by the combined action of various evolutionary factors. see macroevolution.

microfauna n. [Gr. mikros, small; L. Faunus, diety of herds and fields] Very small animals; animals less than 200 m.

microfibril n. [Gr. mikros, small; L. dim. fibra, fiber] Microscopic or submicroscopic fiber.

microfilaria n. [Gr. mikros, small; L. filum, thread] (NEMATA) The uncoiled mobile embryo of a filaria, that either escapes from the egg shell (unsheathed) or causes stretching of the shell into an elongated sac accommodated to the uncoiled embryo (sheathed).

microgamete n. [Gr. micros, small; gametes, husband] 1. A slender, active, male anisogamete. 2. Derived from the mi-crogametocyte of the malarial protozoan. see macrogam-ete.

microgametocyte n. [Gr. mikros, small; gamete, husband; kytos, container] The male gametocyte that gives rise to microgametes.

microgeographic race A local race, restricted to a small area.

microgram n. [Gr. mikros, small; gramma, small weight] One thousandth of a gram.

microgranular cells (PORIF) Cells with cytoplasm charged with small dense granules.

microgyne n. [Gr. mikros, small; gyne, woman] (ARTHRO: In-secta) In Formicidae, a dwarf female. see micraner.

microhabitat n. [Gr. mikros; small; L. habitare, to dwell] A small or restricted habitat. see niche.

microhexactine n. [Gr. mikros, small; hex, six; aktis, ray] (porif) A small hexactine spicule.

microic a. [Gr. mikros, small; eidos, like] (ANN: Oligochaeta) Smaller than macroic, a substitute for micronephridial, often applied to nephridia as large as or larger than megan-ephridia.

microlecithal a. [Gr. mikros, small; lekithos, egg yolk] Containing little yolk.

microleucocyte n. [Gr. mikros, small; leukos, white; kytos, container] A small amoebocyte.

micromere n. [Gr. mikros, small; meros, part] Small cells of the animal pole in eggs with abundant yolk.

micromesentary n. [Gr. mikros, small; mesos, middle; enteron, gut] (CNID: Anthozoa) In Zoantharia, an incomplete secondary mesentary.

micrometer n. [Gr. mikros, small; metron, a measure] A unit of microscopic measure, designated by the Greek letters m; one-thousandth of a millimeter.

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