Midventral glands see supplementary organs

migrante n. [L. migrator, wanderer] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In aphids, the winged, parthenogenetic, viviparous females that develop on the primary host, then fly to the secondary host. see alienicola, fundatrix.

migration n. [L. migratus, change habitat] The act or instance of any form of invertebrate that moves from the place of birth for food or other purposes. migrational a.

milk gland (ARTHRO: Insecta) Specialized accessory gland of Glossina and the Pupipara that produces a milk containing lipids, proteins and amino acids.

millepunctatus a. [L. mille, a thousand; punctum, prick] Covered or studded with many dots, points, or minute depressions.

millimeter n. [L. mille, a thousand; Gr. metron, a measure] One-thousandth of a meter, or 0.03937 of an inch; mm.

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