Molting hormone see ecdysone

moltinism n. [L. mutare, to change] Polymorphs of differing strains or biotypes that undergo a different number of larval molts.

molula n. [L. dim. mola, mill] (ARTHRO) The dicondylic joint by which the tibia articulates with the femur.

monacanthid a. [Gr. monos, one; acantha, thorn] (ECHINOD: Asteroidea) Having one row of ambulacral spines.

monactinal a. [Gr. monos, one; aktis, ray] (PORIF) Spicule development originating from a fixed point in one direction only.

monaene a. [Gr. monos, one; triaina, trident] (PORIF) A modified tetraxon with only one clad.

monarsenous a. [Gr. monos, one; arsen, masculine] Polygamous; having one male to numerous females.

monaster n. [Gr. monos, one; aster, star] A unipolar spindle that results in a nucleus with an unreduced chromosome number instead of two nuclei.

monaulic a. [Gr. monos, one; aulos, pipe] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Male and female portions with a common gonopore. see diaulic, triaulic.

monaxon n. [Gr. monos, one; axon, axis] (PORIF) Spicules formed by growth in one or both directions along a single axis. monaxonid a.

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