Monilicorn see moniliform

moniliform a. [L. monile, necklace; forma, shape] Beadlike; resembling a string of beads; contracted or jointed at regular intervals.

moniliform glands (NEMATA) Beadlike cells around the uvette of the demanian system, usually forming a rosette.

monoallelic a. [Gr. monos, one; allelon, one another] Referring to a polyploid in which all alleles at a locus are identical.

monobasic a. [Gr. monos, one; basis, step] Describing genera originally based on one species only.

monocentric a. [Gr. monos, one; kentron, point] Pertaining to a chromosome with one centromere.

monochromatic a. [Gr. monos, one; chromos, color] Of one color only; unicolored.

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