Morulit see nucleolus

mosaic n. [Gr. Mousaios, of the Muses] 1. An organism composed of two or more cell lines of different genetic or chromosomal constitution, both cell lines being derived from the same zygote; genetic mosaic. see chimera. 2. An individual displaying characteristics of more than one sex or polymorphic form; phenotypic mosaic.

mosaic evolution Evolution that involves differential rates for different structures, organs, or other components of the phenotype.

mosaic theory (ARTHRO) The theory explaining the function of the compound eye, with the numerous ommatidia receiving a portion of the image and then combining them into a total image in the brain.

moschate a. [L. moschus, musk] Having an odor similar to musk.

mother cell A precursory cell or metrocyte.

mother genus An original genus from which others have derived by nomenclatorial division.

motile a. [L. movere, to move] Capable of spontaneous movement.

motor nerve see motor neuron motor nervous system A part of the nervous system lying entirely within the body that transmits stimuli from the central nervous system to the motor elements of the body.

motor neurocyte The neurocyte of a motor neuron.

motor neuron A neuron that transmits excitation directly to an effector; motor nerve.

mottled a. [F. mattele, curdled] Spotted with different colors; maculated; blotched.

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