Mouth spear see stomatostyle odontostyle

movable finger (ARTHRO: Crustacea) The dactyl of the chela.

movable hook (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Odonata, a small tooth on the inner border of the lateral lobe slightly external to the end-hook.

mucid a. [L. mucidus, mucus-like] Mouldy; slimy.

mucific a. [L. mucus, mucus; facere, to make] Pertains to mucus-secreting.

mucigen n. [L. mucus, mucus; genos, to produce] A substance from which mucin is derived in mucin secreting cells.

mucilaginous a. [L. mucus, mucus] Pertaining to gum-like or mucilage.

mucin n. [L. mucus, mucus] A glycoprotein secreted by various cells or glands.

mucivorous a. [L. mucus, mucus; vorare, to devour] Feeding on the juices of plants. mucivore n.

mucoid a. [L. mucus, mucus; Gr. eidos, like] Glycoproteins that are found in cartilage, cuticle, etc.

mucolytic a. [L. mucus, mucus; lysis, loosen] The breaking down or dissolving of mucus.

mucopolysaccharides [L. mucus, mucus; Gr. polys, many; sakcharon, sugar] Polysaccharides with aminosugar and uronic acid; a constituent of glycoproteins.

mucoprotein a. [L. mucus, mucus; Gr. protos, first; eidos, form] A glucoprotein containing more than 4% hexosa-mine. see glucoprotein, glycoprotein.

mucoreous a. [L. mucor, mould] Pertaining to or appearing mouldy; surface covered with small fringe-like processes.

mucosa n. [L. mucus, mucus] Mucus membrane; lining of internal passageways.

mucous a. [L. mucus, mucus] Secreting mucus or a similar sticky substance by various cells, glands, or membranes.

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