Mullers thread see ovarial ligament

multiangular, multiangulate a. [L. multus, many; angulus, angle] Having many angles.

multiarticulate a. [L. multus, many; articulus, joint] Many-jointed; polyarthric.

multicamerate a. [L. multus, many; camera, chamber] Having multiple chambers. see multilocular.

multicarinate a. [L. multus, many; carina, keel] Having many ridges or carinae.

multicellular a. [L. multus, many; cella, cell] Comprised of two or more cells; many-celled.

multicolonial n. [L. multus, many; colonia, colony] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Population of social insects divided into independent colonies or nests.

multifactorial a. [L. multus, many; facere, to do] Controlled by several gene loci.

multifarious a. [L. multifarius, manifold] Arranged in several rows. see polystichous.

multifid a. [L. multus, many; findere, to cleave] Having many divisions or clefts.

multiforous a. [L. multus, many; foris, gate] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A spiracle with three or more secondary openings in or near the peritreme.

multilocular a. [L. multus, many; loculus, little place] Many celled or chambered; having many divisions or compartments; plurilocular. see multicamerate.

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