Neck organ see nuchal organ

necrobiosis n. [Gr. nekros, corpse; bios, life] A series of tissue changes occurring after the death of an individual cell.

necrocytosis n. [Gr. nekros, corpse; kytos, container] Death of a cell.

necrophagous a. [Gr. nekros, corpse; phagein, to eat] Feeding upon decaying flesh.

necrophoresis, necrophoric behavior (ARTHRO: Insecta) Carrying dead colony members away from the nest.

necrosis n. [Gr. nekros, corpse; izein, cause to be] The death of cells or tissues.

necrotize v.t. [Gr. nekros, corpse] To kill cells and tissues in a living organism.

nectar n. [Gr. nektar, drink of the gods] A sweet substance secreted by flowers and certain leaves; the food of many insects.

nectobenthic a. [Gr. nektes, swimmer; benthos, depths of the sea] Organisms swimming freely on or near the bottom of the sea.

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