Nema curds see nema wool

nemaposit v.i. [Gr. nema, thread; L. ponere, to place] (AR-THRO: Insecta) Mock oviposition by insects parasitized by nematodes; the insect deposits nematodes instead of their own eggs.

Nemata, nematodes n.; [Gr. nema, thread] A phylum containing a large, diverse group of free-living, plant and animal parasitic roundworms, covered by cuticle and having well developed nervous, reproductive and digestive systems, but lack true segmentation, a true coelom and jointed appendages; formerly called Nematoda and Nema-toidea.

Nemathelminthes n. [Gr. nema, thread; helmins, worm] A former name for the phylum that included the phyla Nemata, Nematomorpha and Acanthocephala collectively.

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