Nematicide see nematocide

nematize v.i. [Gr. nema, thread] (NEMATA) To populate or infest with nematodes. nematization n.

nematoblast n. [Gr. nema, thread; blastos, bud] (CNID) A cell that forms a nematocyst; cnidoblast.

nematocide n. [Gr. nema, thread; L. caedare, to kill] Any agent lethal to nematodes.

nematocyst, cnida n. [Gr. nema, thread; kystis, bladder] (CNID) Intracellular organelles that function in defense and capture of prey by injecting a toxin; in hydras, they function in adhesion to the bottom; also called stinging cells, nettle cells, or thread capsule or cell. see spirocyst.

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