Neotenic reproduction see neoteny

neotenin n. [Gr. neos, young; teinein, to extend] One of the juvenile harmones.

neoteny, enoteinia, neoteiny n. [Gr. neos, young; teinein, to extend] 1. A term referring to the condition in which the gonad completes its development prematurely before the normal differentiation of imaginal structures are completed.

see hysterotely. 2. (ARTHRO) Further classified into two categories: prothetely and metathetely. neotenic a.

neotrichy n. [Gr. neos, new; trichos, hair] (ARTHRO: Chelicer-ata) In Acari, secondary formation of setae by multiplication of primary setae in a given area.

neotropical region A zoogeographical region extending south from the Mexican Plateau throughout Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

neotype n. [Gr. neos, new; typos, type] A single specimen selected as the type specimen from as near to the original locale as practicle in cases where the original types are known to be destroyed or are lost.

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