Nerve cell see neuron

nerve ending The terminal arborization of a neuron.

nerve fiber The dendrite or collateral branch of a neurocyte.

nerve net A network of nerve cells connecting sensory and muscular elements in certain cnidarians, ctenophores, bryozoans, and some other invertebrates.

nerve pentagon (ECHINOD) The nerve ring around the mouth.

nerve ring Any ring of nerve fibers, may be around the mouth, esophagus, anus, bell margin, etc. see circumesophageal commissure.

nerve root That part of the nerve close to its origin from a ganglion, cord or brain; may be just inside or outside of the ganglion, etc.

nervicole, nervicolous a. [L. nervus, nerve; colere, to inhabit] Living on or in leaf veins.

nervous a. [L. nervus, nerve] Pertaining to nerves; restless or impulsive behavior as in nervous movements.

nervous system A system of nerves with which an organism adapts to its environment.

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