Netic a see palingenesis

cenogenous a. [Gr. koinos, common; gennaein, to produce] Oviparous at one season of the year and at other times viviparous.

cenosis, coenosis n. [Gr. koinos, common] 1. A community; biocoenosis. 2. Association. 3. A community dominated by two distinct species, that may or may not be mutually antagonistic.

cenospecies [Gr. kainos, recent; L. species, kind] Species that can interbreed.

Cenozoic a. [Gr. kainos, recent; zoe, life] A geological history from the beginning of the Tertiary to the present, that saw a rapid evolution of mammals, birds, grasses, shrubs, and higher flowering plants, but with little change in invertebrates.

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