Neurosynapse see synapse

neurotransmitter n. [Gr. neuron, nerve; L. trans, across; mittere, to send] A chemical secreted at nerve endings to transmit a nervous impulse across a synapse; neurohumor.

neurotropic a. [Gr. neuron, nerve; tropos, turn] Having an affinity for nervous tissue.

neurotubules n. [Gr. neuron, nerve; L. dim. tubus, tube] Microtubules in nervous tissue.

neuston n. [Gr. neustos, able to swim] Small organisms that float or swim in or on the surface film of water. see seston.

neuter n. [L. ne, not; uter, either] 1. Sexless. 2. A sterile organism. 3. A non-fertile mature female.

neutralism n. [L. ne, not; uter, either; ismus, denoting a condition] Organisms living together with no mutual harm or benefit; hamabiosis.

neutral synoekete (ARTHRO: Insecta) An insect living on the refuse of a host colony but providing little in return.

new name A replacement name for an available name; nomen novum.

niche n. [L. nidus, nest] A position or occupation filled by an organism in the food-web of a community.

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