Nictation see negative geotropism

nictitant a. [L. nictare, to wink] An ocellus bearing a lunate spot.

nidamental gland Any of various structures that secrete a capsule or covering material for an egg or egg masses.

nidicole a. [L. nidus, nest; colere, to dwell] Pertaining to an organism that spends much of its life in the nest of its host.

nidificant a. [L. nidus, nest; facere, to make] Building a nest.

nidifugous a. [L. nidus, nest; fugere, to flee] Departing the nest soon after birth.

nidus n.; pl. nidi [L. nidus, nest] 1. A group of regenerative cells; a cell-group. 2. A location for the natural deposit of eggs; a hatching place. 3. The specific locality of a disease, resulting from a combination of ecological factors that favor the disease organism. 4. (ARTHRO: Insecta) Regenerative cells that replace the midintestinal cells used up during holocrine secretion.

niger n. [L. niger, black] Black; glossy black.

nigerrima a. [L. niger, black; -rimus, superlative ending] Very black.

nigrescent a. [L. nigrescens, to grow black] Turning black; blackish.

nisto n. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Decapoda, the postlarval stage of Scyllaridae and Palinuridae; pseudibacus; puerulus.

nitid, nitidus a. [L. nitidus, shining] Glossy; shining; brilliant; lustrous.

nitrate n. [Gr. nitron, native soda] A salt or ester of nitric acid (HNO3 ).

nitrite n. [Gr. nitron, native soda] A salt or ester of nitrous acid (HNO2 ).

nitrogen n. [Gr. nitron, native soda; gennaein, to produce] A colorless, odorless gas that constitutes about four-fifths of the atmosphere.

nitrogen cycle Inorganic nitrogen incorporated into organic nitrogen in living organisms and returned to inorganic nitrogen by breakdown of the organic molecules on death of the living organisms.

nitrogenous a. [Gr. nitron, native soda; gennaein, to produce] Pertaining to, or containing nitrogen.

nits [A.S. hnitu, egg of louse] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Si-phunculata, the eggs; particularly when cemented to hair.

niveous a. [L. niveus, snow] Resembling the color of snow.

nocturnal a. [L. nocturnus, of the night] Occurring or performed at night. see diurnal, crepuscular.

nocturnal eyes (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) The pearly white eyes of Arachnida.

nodal furrow (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Odonata, a transverse suture of the wing, beginning at the costal margin corresponding to the nodus and extending toward the inner margin; costal hinge.

node n. [L. nodus, knob] 1. A knob or swelling. 2. (BRYO) A place of articulation in a colony.

nodicorn a. [L. nodus, knob; cornu, horn] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Having antennae with joints swollen at the apex.

nodiferous a. [L. nodus, knob; fero, bear] Having or bearing nodes.

nodiform a. [L. nodus, knob; forma, shape] In the form of a knob or knot.

nodose a. [L. nodus, knob] With small knotlike protuberances.

nodular a. [L. dim. nodus, knob] Having small knobs or nodule-like projections.

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