Ommatochrome see ommochrome

ommatoid n. [Gr. omma, eye; eidos, form] (ARTHRO: Chelicer-ata) In some Arachnida, a light colored spot on the posterior body segment.

ommatophore n. [Gr. omma, eye; pherein, to bear] (MOLL: Gastropoda) A movable process bearing an eye, as in snails; may be fused with the tentacles.

ommochrome, ommatochrome n. [Gr. omma, eye; chroma, color] A group of pigments, products of tryptophane metabolism, found in eyes and epidermis of certain invertebrates; it is apparently not involved in the visual process.

omnivorous a. [L. omnis, all; vorare, to devour] Capable of obtaining nourishment from both animal and plant tissue.

omphalian a. [Gr. omphalos, the navel] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Referring to the orifice (excluding ostiole) of the metatho-racic scent gland of Heteroptera as median and unpaired. omphalium n. see diastomian.

omphalous a. [Gr. omphalos, the navel] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Having a shell with an umbilicus.

onchial plate (nemata: Adenophorea) In Enoplida, the basal plate of the onchium.

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