Osmium see osmosium

osmoconformer n. [Gr. osmos, pushing; cum, with; forma, shape] An organism having the salt content of the blood determined by that of the surrounding sea water.

osmomorphosis n. [Gr. osmos, pushing; morphos, form] Change in shape due to osmotic (salt) changes in the environment.

osmoreceptors n.pl. [Gr. osmos, pushing; recipere, to receive] Receptors that sense changes in osmotic pressure.

osmoregulation n. [Gr. osmos, pushing; L. regulatus, regulated] Maintaining the osmotic pressure in the body by regulating the amount of water and salts, effected by the removal of salts, excretory products or water by the excretory organs.

osmosis n. [Gr. osmos, pushing] Passage of water through a semi-permeable membrane from a solution of lower concentration to one of higher concentration until the solutions are equal in concentration.

osmosium n. [Gr. osmos, pushing] (NEMATA) A structure of modified intestinal tissue that protrudes into the tissue of the Demanian organ that is of gonadal origin.

osmotaxis n. [Gr. osmos, pushing; taxis, arrangement] A re sponse to osmotic pressure change.

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