Oxenic polyxenic trixenic

axial a. [L. axis, axle] Of or pertaining to an axis; relative to the central axis of a cylindrical body or organ.

axial cells (MESO: Rhombozoa) Central cells, comprised of a nucleus and germinal cells (axoblasts).

axial construction (PORIF) A type of skeletal organization with certain components condensed to form a dense central region or axis.

axial filament 1. (ARTHRO: Insecta) see axoneme. 2. (porif) A protein core around which siliceous spicules are organized.

axial gland (ECHINOD) A dark elongated mass of spongy tissue extending along the length of the stone canal, forming part of the hemal system; sometimes called axial organ or genital stolon.

axial gradient Gradation in metabolic rate along the three main body axes, anterior-posterior, dorsoventral and median-lateral.

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