Oxyphil oxyphile see oxyphilic

oxyphilic, oxyphilous a. [Gr. oxys, sharp; philein, to love] 1.

Tolerant of acid. 2. Staining readily in an acid stain.

oxyphobe, oxyphobic a. [Gr. oxys, sharp; phobos, fright] Not tolerant of acid soils; acidophobic.

oxytylote n. [Gr. oxys, sharp; tylos, knob] (PORIF) A slender straight sponge spicule, sharp at one end and knobbed at the other.

ozadene n. [Gr. ozein, to smell; aden, gland] (ARTHRO: Diplo-poda) A defense gland, secreting a repugnant or poisonous chemical.

ozopore n. [Gr. ozein, to smell; L. porus, pore] (ARTHRO: Dip-lopoda) The opening of the ozadene.

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