Pars stridulans see strigil

pars vaginalis (PLATY: Cestoda) In Trypanorhyncha, a division of the scolex from the anterior end to the anterior end of the tentacular bulbs.

parthenapogamy n. [Gr. parthenos, virgin; apo-, separate; gamein, to marry] Diploid parthenogenesis.

parthenita n.; pl. -ae [Gr. parthenos, virgin] (PLATY: Trema-toda) The unisexual stage in an intermediate host.

parthenogenesis n. [Gr. parthenos, virgin; genesis, origin] The development of an individual from an unfertilized egg. parthenogenetic a. see arrenotoky, thelyotoky.

parthenogenone n. [Gr. parthenos, virgin; genesis, origin; on, being] A parthenogenetic organism; parthenogone. see parthenote.

parthenote n. [Gr. parthenos, virgin] A haploid organism produced parthenogenetically.

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