Partial coverage see valve coverage

particulate inheritance Mendel's theory that inheritance in an individual has distinct genetic factors from paternal and maternal forebearers.

partite a. [L. partitus, divided] Divided; separated; parted.

parturition n. [L. parturire, to bring forth] The act of giving birth.

paruterine organ (PLATY: Cestoda) In Paruterininae, fibro-muscular appendage that receives and stores the eggs, replacing the uterus.

parva stage (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Decapoda Caridea, the first postlarval stage.

parviconoid a. [L. parvus, small; conus, cone] Resembling a small cone.

pastinum n. [L. pastinum, two pronged tool] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In male Ostracoda, chitinized skeletal rods (caudually fork-shaped) that support the entire copulatory complex.

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