Penis funnel see anellus

penis valves (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, genital clasper organs.

pennaceous a. [L. penna, feather] Resembling a feather, as a marking; penniform.

pentacrinoid a. [Gr. pente, five; krinon, lily] (ECHINOD: Cri-noidea) A larval stage following the cystidean stage that attaches to the substrate or adult crinoid and develops a crown of arms and cirri.

pentactula larva (ECHINOD: Holothuroidea) A young larva with 5 primary tentacles and one or two podia that eventually settle to the bottom and assume the adult mode of existence.

pentaglossate a. [Gr. pente, five; glossa, tongue] (moll) Having no central tooth and teeth of the same shape that increase in size toward the edge of the radula.

pentagonal a. [Gr. pente, five; gonia, angle] Five-sided; having 5 angles.

pentamerous a. [Gr. pente, five; meros, part] Composed of 5 similar parts; having 5-jointed tarsi.

pentaradiate a. [Gr. pente, five; L. radius, ray] Arranged in 5 rays.

pentazonian segment (ARTHRO: Diplopoda) A segment formed of 5 separate sclerites; the tergum, 2 lateral pleu-rites and 2 sternites.

penultimate a. [L. paene, almost; ultimus, last] Next to the last; the whorl preceding the last.

peptonephridia [Gr. pepton, digested; nephros, kidney] (ANN: Oligochaeta) Organs opening into the buccal cavity of pharynx (supposedly modified nephridia).

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